Ticket Fundraiser

NEW for 2022

FYSC has implemented a new fundraising initiative. Every registration includes $50.00 in tickets. This fundraiser serves 2 main purposes:

1. It is a way for the Club to fundraise. All proceeds from this fundraiser go directly back into the Club to further grow and enhance our programming, equipment and facilities.

2. It is a way to bring down the overall cost of registration for our members. Members purchase the tickets up-front as part of their total registration fee, but are then able to sell these tickets to help offset the cost of registration. For example: U10 program costs $150, broke down into two separate fees of $100 for the registration and $50.00 for the tickets. When you sell the tickets to your friends and family,  any money from the sale of the tickets is then yours to keep.

Tickets will be handed out after the start of the season.