Refund Policy

1. Immediate Withdrawal Request
Players who pay with a cheque, money order, or cash and who submit written notice of withdrawal within 48 hours of payment, prior to participating in any


Harassment Policy

This Harassment Policy applies to the employees, volunteers, and Board Members of Fundy Youth Soccer Club (FYSC).


FYSC has established this policy to ensure that...

House League Policies

Late Fee
A late fee of $20 will come into effect on June 1st for all players not registered or fully paid. An exception is given to those that schedule a payment plan with our staff prior to June 1st.

House League Team Placement
All players must be paid or have a payment plan set up with us in order to be placed on a House League team by the end of our office hours on the Friday before the first night of House League. Any registrations after this date will have to wait one week after payment is made to play.